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Liora & Jack Davidson 04/2012

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April 18, 2012

Dear Dror,

It’s not too often that one meets an individual who makes a lasting impression.

We came to Caesarea, lost and fatigued. You appeared out of nowhere as a guardian angel to help us find our way. You guided us in every which way humanly possible to land softly in Eretz Israel. Your genuine value in helping people in spite of financial gain or loss in a business that people constantly take advantage of each other is nothing short of admirable.

Liora and I worked with several real estate agents. You are the only one we found that had our best interests in mind, was quite knowledgeable and spent honest time to truly understand our needs so you could provide us with the best advice possible.

Your sincerity, honesty, professionalism and humbleness are traits one can rarely find all in one individual. You are truly a very special person and we are blessed to have met you and deeply value your friendship

Always Grateful,

Jack and Liora Davidson

Caesarea Israel

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