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Caesarea sellers/ buyers and landlords/tenants felt a Black Hole, when it came to enjoying effective real estate services in a premium location, Caesarea, worthy of such service.

Caesarea Estates Realty was born to provide the missing element clients wanted and needed.
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  • I have known Dror Kaminer for many years and have had several occasions to utilize his expertise in the field of real estate. He is extremely fair in his dealing with both sides and his warm and easygoing personality has often made him very effective in brokering a deal which might have otherwise failed. I definitely recommend him as a real estate agent

    Brian and Aliza Bergner
  • Lisa and I wish to thank you for the great service you provided us. Starting from the first meeting we had only a couple of weeks ago, when we met you in the house and showed you the property, giving us the correct range of potential clients and monthly rent fee possible for the property.

    Lisa & Adi Haft
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