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About Us

Caesarea Estates Realty

Although the brand was Established formally in 2012, Caesarea Estates Realty began it’s Caesarea real estate activity over a decade and half ago, in 2007.

The brand was created as a result of lack of satisfaction from local and new clients seeking quality and professional real estate services with very few, or no options to turn to.

Caesarea sellers/ buyers and landlords/tenants felt a Black Hole, when it came to enjoying effective real estate services in a premium location such as Caesarea, worthy of such service and care.

Caesarea Estates Realty was born to provide the missing element clients wanted, and needed, so much in order to transform the extremely stressful process of buying and selling a luxury property, into one easily, smoothly and efficiently transacted.

We prioritize client interest above all else. At Caesarea Estates Realty, its never ever about the deal…its about the people.

Our company embraces and strives to live by the words of Stephen Covey, best selling author of “The seven habits of highly effective people”… WIN-WIN or no deal!!!

Back in 2007, the very first step in creating the brand was to establish a simple, effective and doable mission statement. This statement is the guiding star for every decision taken along the way.

Caesarea Estates Realty, created and run by Dror Kaminer, invests in top of the line technologies, as well as  effective support from business and life coaching systems,  to constantly improve and excel in the marketplace.

We lead you, the client, toward your goals and beyond.

You are invited to read the statement and then to peruse dozens of client letters reflecting their feelings about the service they received.


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