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Cheri & Yuval Hason June 2021

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June 29 ,2021

Caesarea, Israel

Dear Friends,

Let’s start at the end!!

Dror made it possible for us to make Aliyah. Yes, he was that instrumental.

We knew that owning a home we love would be an essential, if not critical, element of us deciding to stay in Israel and make Aliyah.

When we began our search for a home, we did so rather reluctantly and with much apprehension, as we had no faith we would find something.

It was Dror to the rescue from day one.

We quickly learned that Dror possesses a collection of top homes, matched only by his incredibly honest and simple attitude towards the process.

What truly blew us away was how accessible this man is. He made himself available to us daily- sometimes multiple times a day- for house tours, meetings, etc.

And through it all, he never (EVER) pressured us, even gently, towards buying this or buying that. He is just THERE, kind of presenting the facts for what they are; no more no less!!. No embellishments, no salesmanship, no BS.

We must have had him show us 20 houses.

When the right home was eventually found, THAT is when he turned into a deal-closing machine.  He jumped through hoops to make it happen, and it was only because of him that we were able to get a home that we truly love and never thought we’d be able to own.  We firmly believe it was all him.

We have purchased many homes in our life, and have never had the pleasure of working with such a kind, gentle, straightforward, likeable, and EFFECTIVE realtor.

If you ever want to speak in person about our experience with Dror, I have given him the ok to give my telephone number to anyone that is looking to hear it from us in person.

Sincerely and with gratitude

Cheri & Yuval Hason

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